History of boiler suits

The workers in the coal fired boilers on steam locomotives used the boiler suit or garment. They used this garment while cleaning the firebox as they had to climb through the small fire hole. This one-piece suit prevented sagging in and out. Additionally, it also prevented from the messy soot.  Apart from this, the boiler suits were used in military as a part of uniform. However, with the changing fashion in the modern world, the boiler suit is now restricted as a work clothing.

Use of boiler suits

  • The main purpose of using boiler suit is to keep yourself safe from spillage and dirt.
  • They are very comfortable and do not ride up when you work. This makes you concentrate on work without any hassle of taking care of your clothes.
  • They eliminate any dirt reaching the section between your shirt and trouser.
  • They act as a protective covering while you work.


A wide range of colors are available in boiler suits like orange, blue, green, etc. However, navy blue colored boiler suit is the most popular. The navy blue color helps to hide dust and doesn’t look messy.

Types of boiler suits

There are numerous style and fabric of boiler suits. The hooded boiler suit is getting popular these days. Disposable boiler suits are also available in the market which is a great option for some really messy jobs. Insulated boiler suits are also available which are helpful for those who work in depths of winter. Apart from these, water proof boiler suits are preferred for rainy days or who are in search of waterproof coveralls.


Generally majority of the boiler suits are made from polycotton. However, cotton drill boilersuit is made out of 100 percent cotton.The flame retardant boiler suits made out of cotton and are chemically treated.  


Three styles of boiler suits are popular namely, stud front boiler suit, zip front coverall and the regular one.

Choose the correct size of the boiler suit so that you are comfortable wearing it while handling tedious jobs.