T- Shirt remains top piece of promotional merchandise when it has embroidery design of your company’s logo. It is in fact a wonderful way to get the desired massage on to the streets. There are some good factors that you should consider while having embroidery design on T- shirts of your employees. Most of the business organization chooses to get the embroidery design on the T- shits because it is very comfortable to wear. Embroidered t- shirt can be the best option to promote your business logo on the streets.

Understand the fabric

The world of T-shirts is very huge. Before you attempt to digitize embroidery on T- shirt, you should first try to understand the fabric on hand. Most of the T-shirts are made with the fabric like jersey and knit, they differ in weight and feel. You should choose to get the embroidery design on the good fabric.


When it comes to design on the T- shirt, you are free to submit any creative design. Choosing embroidered t- shirtwill give you an option to explore your creativity because it has good space enough for any design. As you are having customized design for your group, you can work with the designer to come up with more elegant designs. You have freedom to choose colors and fonts from wide range of choices. Embroidery is no longer a traditional way of presenting your business promotion out on streets. With the modern techniques and resources available, it has turned out into modern art.

Long duration

The best benefit that you get by using the embroidery design on the T- shirts is they will last for long time when compared to other designs like screen printing. The design on the t –shirt will not fade of due to frequent washing. The design on the shirt remains unaffected even after using the shirt for extended period of time when you choose to go with good fabric. Your customized design on the t- shirt will not lose its sheen and it suits the best for both work and casual events. Your employee or the group will gain the professional look when they are on job in the field. They will be representing your business in more professional way.

There is no need for you to worry about the cost, you will get the shirts at discounted prices when ordered in bulk.