The catering industry is a huge industry. The professionals in this industry have deep knowledge about food and spices. The use of workwear has increased in the catering industry for all good reasons. The catering workwear gives a professional attitude and attire.A professional look not only adds more of business, additionally it is related to hygiene and safety.

Aprons, footwear, toque (hat), etc are important in catering industry. In the catering industry, it is important to provide the employees the right outfit so as to maintain the hygiene and appearance. Ideally work clothes in the catering industry should be long sleeved; this reduces the contact of skin and hair with the food.

Role of Workwear:

Jacket:It is usually reversible. It gives the typical image to the chef. This reversible jacket can be turned around to produce a clean image while interacting with people. The basic role of this jacket is protection from spillages. Generally chef’s jacket is white in color. The cut and fabric may vary from one work place to another. The white color denotes cleanliness in workplace.

Trouser:Keeping in mind the comfort level, the trousers are made loose and generally from cotton material. The cotton material allows the air to flow freely and comforting the cooks in the hot kitchen. The catering business is all about rush and fast work, the loose material allows freedom of movement.

Toque:It is a special hat with folds representing the chef’s skill. It is important to wear a cap while as if the hair is not tied; the possibility of the workmen to touch their hair is high. Also, the risk of hair fall into the food is high. So, it is great to wear a hat while cooking or serving the food.

Apron:The apron provides additional protection against spills and splashes. It is the final and key component in the attire of workmen in the catering industry. The aprons may kangaroo pockets this provides a mobile storage for the cooks fast on toes. The apron is used as a hand towel as well. The greasy hands are generally wiped off with the apron, this avoids spillage and hazards due to greasy hands.

Footwear: The footwear is made out of non-slippery material. As the catering industry demands fast service, the footwear should support the work.

The catering workwear is an important aspect of the industry to provide quality services to the clients.