Fleece can be used by both men and women. Children finds fleece very comfy. It is a most versatile item one can include in the wardrobe. Fleece clothing includes fleece pants and fleece Gillette. However tops, fleece and jackets are generally more referred.

If you are thinking to gift your corporate buddies or team something unique, then embroidered fleece is a great option. It gives a personalized touch to your gift as well as helps in branding your business. The embroidery design can be chosen from thousands of artworks available at the embroidery centers or you can design your own.

Your company’s logo or name text can help in promoting your business. At personal level you can gift it to your loved ones with some classy or humorous text depending upon the nature of the person you are gifting. The thread art in the embroidery work needs skills. Make sure the knots of the thread in your fleece are rolled off properly.

Why to choose Fleece with Thread work

  • The embroidered fleece looks professional when the team is at work. You can create a professional appearance with branded workwear even while staying warm. 
  • It helps in promoting and branding the business. This eventually adds up in the profit. 
  • It gives a personal touch to your gift. 
  • Fancy colors and designs can be chosen for the thread work. This will make the fleece more attractive and catchy. 
  • Custom fleece jackets are just perfect for your company and team of members. This will add a stylish attitude in the members. 
  • The fleece will just not only help to keep warm in the cold conditions, the artwork looks smart on the fleece. 
  • The fleece with thread work creates an image of an established and professional company.

Apart from fleece jackets, fleece blankets and sweatshirts are also available in amazing styles. These fleeces are made out of 100 percent polyester or a combination of synthetic fibers and sheep wool. They are the best way to cover from harsh winds and cold. They make you stay warm. They are light in weight as compared to traditional winter wear.