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Here at Image To Suit You, we have a variety of styles, colours and designs for you to explore, helping you to find the perfect safety footwear tailored to you and your work. Caterpillar are an excellent brand, recognised globally for the work that they have done to produce high quality Caterpillar safety boots for a range of industries and working environments.

Caterpillar were initially big players in the equipment manufacturing industry, expanding into the workwear market after years of producing quality work and developing their knowledge of the industry. Caterpillar now produce a whole variety of safety boots and shoes, including Holton boots, Dealer boots, Chukka boots and many more styles of boots and trainers, all created to a very high quality. All of the Caterpillar work boots and workwear are produced with long-lasting durability and comfort in mind, in order for you to put all of your focus into your work.

The Caterpillar safety boots range is one of the very best on the market, with a compelling collection of products that tick all the boxes where design, comfort and durability are concerned. After decades of work, Caterpillar are making their mark on the workwear and safety boot industry, and we are very pleased to provide our customers with such quality products.