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Originating from work on offshore oil rigs, safety wellingtons and rigger safety boots are a form of protective footwear, designed to provide protection and support in some of the most demanding and dangerous of working environments. In such testing conditions, workers require a certain level of protection from the right type of equipment, and so workers will find this in their pair of rigger safety boots. It is often the case the safety wellingtons are the only type of footwear that can provide the required level of protection to workers in the most extreme conditions, whilst also adding great comfort and support throughout the day.

For particular industries where rigger safety boots and safety wellingtons are required, it is essential that you make the right choice when deciding upon the ones that are best suited to you. Rigger safety boots provide you with fantastic protection whilst working in some of the most testing and difficult working environments, offering more than traditional safety boots as is required by the work. Although some may argue that rigger boots don’t provide a sufficient amount of support to the ankle, they are considered to provide an excellent level of protection and support that is required by specific workers and industries.

Rigger Safety Boots and Safety Wellingtons at Image To Suit You

Our products are available to purchase in a range of different colours and styles, with different options better suited to varying industries and lines of work. They feature different colours suited to your preference, whilst many also feature great protective features including a steel toe cap, a scuff cap, a warm lining, resistant soles and also leather loops.

Our range of rigger safety boots and safety wellingtons are primarily designed to offer you the ultimate protection, whilst also keeping in mind a certain requirement for functionality and support.