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Here at Image To Suit You, our collection of Scruffs safety boots oozes toughness and durability, combined with great comfort and style to create the perfect range of safety footwear. As part of our collection of Scruffs work boots we have many different styles, including Rigger boots, Twister boots and many other styles of both safety boots and safety trainers.

Scruffs have continued to be a big name in the workwear and safety footwear market for many years, becoming well known for producing durable safety boots that possess an element of style, so that you can look the part whilst staying protected. Scruffs create their work boots to comprise of protective measures in a way that doesn’t bulk out the boots any more than is necessary.

We have a range of Scruffs work boots to suit everyone, with options for people in many different industries. Our collection of Scruffs safety boots is loved by our customers, proving that the combination of quality, protection and style is a popular one.