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Safety Boots

Work safety boots are a vital part of any work uniform for men and women working in dangerous or outdoor environments. Choosing the right safety footwear for your occupation is important, but with the quality of brands such as Amblers, Apache, Caterpillar, Lee Cooper, Scruffs and more, we have many fantastic options to choose from. The products available at Image To Suit You are designed in a way that will protect you from bad weather and heavy objects, all whilst adding an element of style to your uniform.

Work Safety Boots or Shoes

The first thing to consider when choosing the right safety footwear for you is whether you need work safety boots or safety shoes. Both terms are used quite often, although they are actually two different things, with the style and construction of the two safety footwear options amongst the main differences between the two.

Safety boots are generally much bigger and heavier than safety shoes, but they are known to provide much more protection. A safety boot will typically provide greater protection to your ankle, as well as some options actually providing protection to the lower part of your shin too. Safety boots are more tailored towards those working with heavy machinery and objects or those working on construction sites. Safety shoes are generally lighter and often the more comfortable of the two, allowing more flexibility and movement. This option is also a fantastic way to protect your feet, with ankle supports and steel toe caps common features amongst safety shoes. The decision between safety boots or shoes really does depend on the work that you do and the level of protection that you need, and that should be the main consideration for you to think about.

What to look for in Safety Footwear

The main objective of safety footwear is to provide sufficient protection and comfort to the wearer, regardless of what they may come up against in the workplace. With this in mind, it is important that your safety boots have the right balance between protection, comfort and style, to ensure that you can go about your working day without the need to worry. You should ensure that you have protection in areas such as the toe, the metatarsals, the sole and more, whilst being comfortable.

When searching for work safety boots, you will notice that they will typically be categorised based on their protection rating. These ratings are connected to the safety functions provided by the footwear and so it is important that you understand what the ratings mean so you can choose the most appropriate footwear for your working conditions. The ratings are:

SB – Safety Basic / 200 Joules toe protection and oil resistant outer sole.

SBP – SB plus mid-sole for penetration resistance.

S1 – SB plus energy absorbing heel and anti-static properties.

S1P – S1 plus mid-sole for penetration resistance.

S2 – S1 plus water penetration and absorption resistance.

S3 – S2 plus cleated outsole and mid-sole for penetration resistance.

S4 – Produced in rubber or polymer, 200 Joules toe protection, energy absorbing heel, anti-static properties and waterproof.

S5 – S4 plus cleated outsole, and mid-sole for penetration resistance.

Our safety boots are available in a whole range of sizes and different colours, allowing you to choose the protective boots that you not only need to wear, but that you enjoy wearing too. We also have many other different types of safety footwear, including trainers, shoes and clogs, so we are sure to have the correct footwear for you, encompassing a high level of protection, comfort and style that you desire. As we have such a wide variety of safety boots, we are able to cater to individual needs, mainly because of our different options for people in a range of industries.